Top 10 Courses on Leadership

Leadership is not an exclusive club reserved for those who were “born with it.” The traits comprising the raw materials of leadership can be acquired. Link them up with desire and nothing can keep you from becoming a leader.

—John Maxwell

The popular conception is that leaders are born, not made, but the truth is that leadership is a skill like any other. Sure, it might come more easily to some people, but we can all develop and improve our leadership skills. Moreover, we should. Whether it’s business, school, sports or family, whether we’re managing a small group of volunteers or a Fortune 500 company, we are all called at some point to lead. 

What do leaders do? They create an inspiring vision, motivate their followers to engage with that vision, and build a team that can achieve it. But while some traits that are fundamental to leadership of any kind, there are also nuances that depend on your particular situation. Creating a strategic plan that will guide your organization for years and managing a small team day-to-day both call for leadership but require different types of skills. 

Regardless of what kind of leadership role you’re stepping into, or even if you’re simply trying to wrap your head around what effective leadership looks like, one or more of the courses below will help you achieve your vision.

1. Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop (+Acumen)

Best Leadership Courses - Seth Godin Course

Over the course of about 45 minutes, Seth Godin, thought leader and author, delivers his 9 Leadership principles, along with a series of reflection exercises designed to help you create a leadership plan for your personal situation.  Among other topics. Godin address learning to lead from any level in an organization, understanding the difference between authority and responsibility, and being able to articulate a compelling vision for the future.

This course is less about practical strategies and more about a philosophy of leadership. It’s a great place to begin formulating a vision of what you want your brand of leadership to look like and why. 

Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop Price: $45 Sign up for the Course

2. Leadership Foundations: Leadership Styles and Models (Lynda)

Best Leadership Courses - Leadership Foundations Course

This course is about the same length as Seth Godin’s but it approaches leadership from a less philosophical and more practical perspective. It delivers a basic understanding of what leadership is, along with different types of leadership (situational, collaborative, and servant leadership, to give a few examples) along with traits associated with leadership, such as charisma, empathy, and authenticity. 

Like all the courses on the Lynda platform, this one can be downloaded for offline viewing. It also comes with interactive transcripts of each lecture along with an integrated note-taking tool. 

Leadership Foundations: Leadership Styles and Models Price: Available through’s membership plan, for $19.99/month Sign up for the Course

3. Foundations of Everyday Leadership (Coursera)

Best Leadership Courses - Coursera

Part of the University of Illinois’s online MBA program, this is the first of 7 courses you can take toward earning a certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management. Not surprisingly, it has a more academic orientation than other online courses, consisting of a combination of video lectures, readings, case studies, and quizzes. 

By the end of the course, students will understand why leadership skills are critical to organizational success, how to use those skills to work more effectively with others, and be able to apply the foundations of effective leadership skills to everyday situations.

You should allow a month to work through the four modules, which include individual and group decision making and managing motivation.

Foundations of Everyday Leadership Price: FREE Sign up for the Course

4. How to be an Awesome Boss (Creative Live)

Best Leadership Courses - Awesome Boss Course

How to Be an Awesome Boss is aimed at business managers who need to lead effective teams but who are also working within a broader corporate hierarchy and culture. As such, it focuses on the nitty-gritty, day-to-day leadership skills that you’ll need to accomplish your goals and make your vision a reality. It covers topics like how to motivate your team, how to give feedback, and 5 ways to make your team hate you. (Fortunately, it includes 5 ways to make your team love you as well.) 

The course consists of an hour and a half of video content, which can be streamed or downloaded. The videos are delivered in simple lecture format, so you won’t miss out if you choose to listen to them rather than watch. Transcriptions of each video are also available.

How to be an Awesome Boss Price: $49 or CreativeLive Pricing $39/month or $299/year Sign up for the Course

5. How to Realize Your Leadership Potential (Creative Live)

This course promises  to “cut straight through the leadership fluff and provide … simple and high-impact actions … enabling you to develop yourself and your team simultaneously.”

And that’s what it delivers. 

Unlike many other courses, it puts equal emphasis on personal development and leadership development. As a result, there are modules on assessing your leadership intentions, managing your time, and building relationships, in addition to topics such as increasing team engagement and giving feedback. 

Material is delivered in video lecture format which can be downloaded for offline viewing/listening. The total time commitment for the videos is about 2 hours, though there are a series of exercises that may take longer. Class materials include a 360 Self-Assessment, a Leadership Checklist, and a Relationship Transition Questionnaire.

How to Realize Your Leadership Potential Price: $49 or CreativeLive Pricing $39/month or $299/year Sign up for the Course

6. Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy (Udemy)

Best Leadership Courses - Brian Tracy Course

If I’d had to narrow this list down to one course, instead of 10, this is the one I would have chosen. Brian Tracy, author of dozens of books on business, leadership and personal development, takes students through his 8 core pillars of effective leadership, blending specific strategies, such as learning how to delegate and maximize productivity, with lessons on mindset, vision, integrity and more. 

Each of the ten modules takes between 20-30 minutes. They’re broken down into a series of short (2-4 minute) videos, and each module includes an exercise in which students are given a prompt and asked to journal their response. 

Regardless of the type of organization in which you want to lead, Think Like  a Leader will prepare you with both the tools and mindset necessary to make your vision a reality.

Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy Price: $199 Sign up for the Course

7. Demystifying Culture & Leadership: Strategies for a Successful Business (Skillshare)

Best Leadership Courses - Demystifying

This course proclaims itself for “entrepreneurs, people ops professionals, start-up employees, and everyone curious how great companies run.” If you fall into one of those categories, you’re in luck! 

This course approaches “leadership” by demonstrating the effects of good leadership—the ways that leadership creates company values, fosters engagement, and nurtures great managers. It also includes a section on how leaders can use employee feedback effectively to create more fair and inclusive environments.  

This is a short course—just 47 minutes total—but the videos are long enough to go into some depth of detail. The Resources section includes a  bibliography of suggested readings and related courses that might be of further interest.

Demystifying Culture & Leadership: Strategies for a Successful Business Price: Available through Skillshare’s Premium plan, for $15/month or $99/year Sign up for the Course

8. Strategic Planning (Universal Class)

Best Leadership Courses - Strategic Planning Course

This course takes a long view of leadership, walking students through the process of creating and implementing a strategic plan that will guide their organization into the future. Participants will learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their organization, understand its risks, and prioritize its needs. 

Unlike many other online courses, this one has no video lectures. The content is delivered entirely in reading assignments. Each of the 14 lessons includes an assessment exam, and a final exam is given at the end of the course.

Strategic Planning Price: $50 (no certificate) or $75 for continuing education credit Sign up for the Course

9. Organizational Thought Leadership (Lynda)

Best Leadership Courses - Organizational Course

It’s not just individuals who lead, but organizations as well. How can your company build trust with customers, employees, shareholders and the community at large? This course shows you how to create a thought-leading organization by identifying your niche, taking a stand on key issues, developing your brand voice, and building the right skills throughout your organization.

The course is just over an hour and a half long and is broken down into 5 modules, each with 2-5 short video lectures. It comes with a pdf workbook with an extensive series of exercises designed to help you create a strategy specific to your organization’s needs and goals. 

Organizational Thought Leadership Price: Available through’s membership plan, for $19.99/month Sign up for the Course

10. Leading Change (Lynda)

Best Leadership Courses - Leading Change Course

No industry is immune to disruption. The changes wrought by technology, globalization, and automation mean that any organization, in any field, needs leadership that can inspire and manage change.

Leading Change is an advanced-level course that demonstrates the importance of actively leading your organization rather than reactively responding to changes. It addresses developing a change mindset, helping individuals and teams embrace change, dealing with resistance, and identifying the best people for key roles when enacting change.

At a little over an hour, this is a relatively short course but there’s an insane amount of value packed into its 5 modules. As with all Lynda courses, there are transcripts available for each video and the entire course can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Leading Change Price: Available through’s membership plan, for $19.99/month Sign up for the Course

Go Forth and Lead!

Whether you’re just wrapping your head around the concept of leadership or you want to develop and refine a role you already have, the courses above are an excellent way to get started. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re a born leader or not—we all have the potential to lead, and there’s no time like the present to begin learning how.